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RESOLUTE LOVE is a project that takes a Jesus-centred approach to life. We won’t bug you with the Christian story if you're not asking for it, but we’re grateful for the foundation it provides.

The love we speak of finds its roots in the teaching of Jesus to "love your neighbour as yourself" (Luke 10:27), popularised through his telling of the story of "the Good Samaritan".  

Resolute Love recognises the need for a resurgence of human dignity, beauty, and potential in personal and societal relationships, and holds the following four elements of the Christian Story as key tenets of that resurgence:

1. That an Eternal Benevolent Person is responsible for the existence of Creation, and has designed it in such a way that reflects their nature and creates space for human purpose and flourishing.

2. That the space created is fractured after the first humans are lied to and choose to reject the loving rule of their Creator.  This fracture causes separation in the relationships humans have with the creation, within themselves, between one another, and with the Creator.

3. That Jesus shows all of creation what God is actually like; and his life, work, and death-to-life story are bringing healing to the fracture in Creation and in the relationships experienced by humans.

4. That the resurrection of Jesus is a foretaste of God's intent to renew all of Creation to the state it was originally intended to be -- providing an ultimate hope for humans as we navigate the here and now.

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