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what we’re about

RESOLUTE LOVE seeks to provide a listening ear, steady voice and authentic support for those seeking to love their people resolutely.

We call this 'holding space'.  

We exist to 'hold space' so that parents, carers and friends can love their people in all things.

As we discover and implement the priorities we need to pursue to fulfil our purpose, our hope is for people to:

-- FEEL SUPPORTED in their support of others;

-- MAKE SENSE of their own experience, and;

-- BE EMPOWERED in how they love their people.

For us to see this accomplished (and in order to love our people resolutely) we are pursuing:

-- INTEGRATED SPACES -- where we feel safe to honestly share our story with others;

-- AN INTEGRATED MIND -- where we can process our feelings in a healthy manner, and; 

-- AN INTEGRATED LIFE -- where we can embody continuity in our interactions with others.

Our first priority is to listen.  We'd love to hear your story through our survey - you can find it at

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